Chris Knight’s Wardrobe

real genius

There are many things I could say about 1985’s Real Genius. It is basically the best movie ever made, in my opinion, and whenever I try to write about it I literally get so excited that I have to take deep breaths to calm myself. However, for the purpose of this post I will be focusing on only one of the key elements that make this movie great – Chris Knight’s outfits.

This movie was made in the ‘80s, a decade in which a lot of people were running around looking fairly demented. But Val Kilmer as Chris Knight is amazing. It’s not even like his ensembles were all that complicated – t-shirts and button-downs, mainly – but it’s the small details that really bump everything up into the fashion stratosphere by about a billion points. For example:

Martian Antenna Headband

real genius

Nobody rocks these like Chris Knight. Except for maybe me. Seriously, not to brag, but I look amazing in them. Some people were born to wear diamonds, some people were born to wear pearls. I was born to wear novelty headbands.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

real genius

Always classic.

Printed T-shirts

real genius

real genius2

real genius3


Chris sports a variety of these in the movie, including ‘I ♥ Toxic Waste’, ‘International Order for Gorillas’, ‘Surf Nicaragua’, and ‘Summer Games 1984’.

Bunny Rabbit Slippers

real genius

real genius1

He owns not one, but two, pairs of this stylish footwear. And wears them to his final exams.

*Note: Upon further consideration, I believe that the slippers pictured in the second photo are Mouse slippers rather than Bunny Rabbit slippers. Still amazing, obviously.

And the pièce-de-résistance…?

Panda Earmuffs

real genius

Any dude who can look hot in a pair of panda earmuffs has got my devotion for life. Actually this entire ensemble is fantastic, from the plaid shirt worn as some sort of cape/sash situation, to the striped gloves, to the…board shorts over sweatpants…? Is that what’s going on here? I don’t even know. Whatever it is, it’s amazing. What panache!

20 responses to “Chris Knight’s Wardrobe

  1. Best. Movie. Ever.
    Best movie ending ever. Laszlo Hollyfeld’s underground lair? The Giant Laser-activated popcorn maker? Dry ice cut the size of quarters for the vending machine? A girl who never sleeps and can knit a sweater in one night? And don’t get me started on God being wired in to Kent’s mouth.

  2. Oh my god…I can’t even…honestly, I start hyperventilating when I try to talk about how amazing this movie is. The ending is nothing short of brilliant. ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ is one of my favorite songs, because of that scene.

    “In the immortal words of Socrates…I drank what?”

    “Being snubbed by beauticians is not my idea of relaxing”.
    “They’re student beauticians…”

    It’s all gold.

  3. “What are you looking at? You’re laborers, you should be laboring. That’s what you get for not having an education”.

    I actually quote that one to my brother all the time. Even though he does have an education. And I actually wish I had gone to trade school.

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  7. Hangin In there

    luv this sight

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  9. FoundItemClothing has all the T-shirts and the bunny slippers for sale.

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  12. You are all awesome. I’m so excited to find people who understand just how perfectly amazing this movie is. Thank you for being so fabulous. I love you. I love Real Genius. Must go dance around the house now after filing this thing under H, for toy.

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